Application Procedure for Prospective Faculty

MRC invites applications from outstanding researchers throughout the year. Apart from sending in the application packet described in the next paragraph, you are also strongly encouraged to visit MRC to deliver a seminar and interact with existing faculty and students.

If you are interested in joining the MRC faculty, please send one copy of a packet containing the documents listed below to:

The Chairman,
Materials Research Centre,
Indian Institute of Science (IISc),
Bangalore – 560012.

Please send second copy of the documents listed below to:

The Registrar,
Indian Institute of Science (IISc),
Bangalore – 560012.

List of items to be included in the application packet:

  • 2-3 page (maximum) research plan
  • a one page (maximum) outline of course(s) you plan to offer
  • three letters of recommendation to be sent directly by the referees
  • a resume that includes your educational background, professional experience and list of publications and other relevant information
  • Covering letter indicating that you would like to be considered for a position on the faculty of the materials research centre.

For more information go to

Once a set of applications have been received…

  • The MRC committee of Professors (COP) short lists a bunch of applicants based on requirements and merit.
  • This short list is then forwarded to a committee that is constituted by The Director and also includes The MRC chairman and two external members. This committee then chooses the candidates to be given appointment offers to from the short list and forwards their recommendation to the Institute Senate for approval.
  • The Institute Senate meets approximately once every 3 months (March, June, September and December) and typically the application process, is governed by this period. Meetings of the COP and the committee in item 2 are geared towards submitting a list to The Senate during one of their tri-monthly meetings. Barring any potential last minute objections, the Institute Senate then approves the list forwarded by the committee in point 2 and issues offers of appointment.
  • Given the nature of the process, there are no fixed time limits on the decision making process. Hence, applicants are requested to plan and follow up their application status accordingly.
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