Prof. Bikramjit Basu hosted industry delegates from different companies, including Amace Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,
INDO MIM Limited, Ceramat Pvt. Ltd. (A TATA Steel Subsidiary) during April 15-19, 2024 as part of the Center
for Continuing Education (CCE)-sponsored five-day training program on ‘Quality control and Materials
characterization for industry professionals’ at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. This was a 40-hours course
with 20 hours of classroom teaching and 20 hours of laboratory demonstrations. The lectures covered both the
fundamental concepts of materials characterization such as X-ray diffraction, spectroscopy-based compositional
analysis (ICP, mass spectroscopy, UV-Vis, FT IR, Raman), thermal analysis (DTA, TGA, DSC), and electron
microscopy (SEM, TEM, micro-CT, APT) of materials. In addition, working principles of related equipments
were also thoroughly covered. An emphasis was placed on analyzing powders to manufactured components to
3D printed parts. As part of the training, they visited XRD, thermal analysis and spectroscopy facility at MRC,
the Microscopy and microanalysis facility at AFMM, the Mechanical testing facility at Materials Engineering as
well as ICP-OES, ICP-MS facility at Center for Earth Sciences, IISc. On the manufacturing aspect, 3D printing
of metals and ceramics as well as 3D extrusion printing of soft hydrogels were discussed during the classroom
lectures. They also visited the 3D printing laboratories for 3D printing of hydrogels (embedded with living cells)
as well as metals. On the last day, the participants were taught on the biomaterials and biocompatibility
assessment, with a more emphasis on the fundamentals and working principles of different biological assays.
They visited the cell culture facility at MRC as well as the animal testing facility, as part of their training on
biocompatibility. At the end, the participants appeared for Multiple Choice Questions and the answer copies were
graded to evaluate their performance. As part of the course, notes are also provided to the participants.

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